“Subcompact Cinema”: Craig Mod’s Observations on Publishing, Extrapolated to Video and the Mission Statement of Modern Mythos Media

February 8, 20131 Comment

Last November, graphic and UI designer Craig Mod posted a great long-form blog entry/manifesto about publishing in a digital age. There’s been no shortage of trite, tedious editorializing and hand-wringing in the press over the last decade about the business and cultural sides of the state of publishing today: call it the “Rise of Amazon, […]

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Watch “One of Them” online now!

January 25, 20120 Comments

This day is a milestone for Modern Mythos Media. We first seriously started writing One of Them with the intention to produce it almost exactly two years ago. Since then, we’ve had a few false starts, a wonderful production, a fantastic premiere, and now a very exciting hypervideo web player accessible at Click above to […]

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How the funniest comedian working today is also an LCD Cinematist

December 16, 20110 Comments

By now, chances are you’ve heard of Louie CK. He’s been performing for a number of years, but 2011 really seems to have been his breakout time, thanks in no small part to the increasing popularity of his FX series, Louie. What you may not know, however, is that he’s not just a comedian. He […]

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Why You Should Care About the Momentum of the Information Age

December 15, 20110 Comments

MatadorNetwork, in cahoots with Intel, concocted this pretty info-film to give us a glimpse at the state of the Information Age. There’s nothing new or mind-blowing here, but it’s nice to get a snapshot of the Internet’s explosive social activity every once in a while. Here are some of the more interesting factoids for you […]

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180 Microcinema Festival

December 9, 20111 Comment

This week I delivered a presentation at Cal State Long Beach regarding LCD Cinema and what students should be doing to adapt to the changing face of cinema. Today I received an email from the very cool Withoutabox service, telling me about a film festival that dovetails perfectly with the tenets of LCD Cinema and […]

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Things to Read

November 23, 20110 Comments

The following is a simple HTML transcription of my Instapaper bookmarked articles page as it appeared on 11/23/2011.

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iPhone Keynote (2007)

October 6, 20110 Comments

Steve Jobs at the apex of his game–introducing what seemed, at the time, nothing short of science fiction: Thanks, Steve. “One more thing” after the jump…

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ISS Earth flyover depicts the face of Cyborg Earth

September 19, 20110 Comments

The best, most vibrant view of planet Earth as a living, transformed mass that I’ve ever seen, taken as a time-lapse (then digitally interpolated to smooth it out) from aboard the International Space Station:

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Marco Tempest: The magic of truth and lies (and iPods)

August 28, 20110 Comments

(Video direct link)

Your daily dose of magic. Marco Tempest integrates his art with the toolset that’s changed daily life.

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I still love my iPad

August 24, 20110 Comments

I bought my iPad the very first day it was available to the public, on April 3, 2010. That was about a year and a half ago (a small eternity in tech world). Since then, we’ve seen the release of the iPad 2, a slew of competitors, and the Van Gogh-like fall and rise of […]

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